Green Certified Carpet Cleaning Services – Does it Work as Well as Chemicals?

People will often ask me for green cleaning solutions used on carpets that are safe for kids and pets. Or, they will ask if I use chemicals that are harmful to the environment. There are eco-friendly ways to clean a home, and carpet cleaning is included in this routine.

  • Green Certified or a Green Seal is the designation most carpet cleaners will have if they purchase and use a green cleaning solution for carpets or upholstery.
  • There is one surefire way of determining whether or not these products are safe for kids and pets. The Food and Drug Administration has examined many of these types of products, both chemical and green, and labels them (Generally Recognized as Safe) G.R.A.S. Look for this designation on cleaning and other household products.
  • For effectiveness, the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) designation shows that a 3rd party tested this product’s cleaning ability. If a professional carpet cleaner is using a green product, this is a good sign it is effective.

This article will go beyond green certification and answer some commonly asked questions about the green carpet cleaning process.

Q. How effective are green carpet cleaning services at cleaning carpets with stains and pet odor?

A. I have seen some green carpet cleaning products outperform their chemical counterparts. Many green certified carpet cleaning solutions offer special stain removers and pet odor formulas. Consumers purchasing green carpet cleaning products should be cautious because it’s common for companies that make green products to focus on the organic quality of the solution, rather than effectiveness. The only way to truly determine a product’s cleaning effectiveness is to field test it or take the word of an expert (such as a carpet cleaning service) that has utilized the product in homes and businesses.

Q. Are carpet cleaning chemicals harmful to kids and/or pets? How do we know they don’t cause harm?

A. There is some debate that household cleaners and some carpet cleaning chemicals are harmful to the environment and even those living in the home. There are many different chemical carpet cleaning solutions. Some individuals are more sensitive than others to some chemical products. There are safe, effective chemically based products in the carpet cleaning business and have been for years. Some people just prefer to go green—and that’s their preference.

Q. What are the advantages of green carpet cleaning?

A. Green carpet cleaning doesn’t really cost that much more money. The consumer can feel good about not putting harmful chemicals into the home environment, and eventually the bio- system. Cutting down on pollution is a main concern of many who use green products.

Q. Do people request green carpet cleaning solutions for a healthier approach to cleaning their home?

A.  Some people are suffering from asthma, allergies and other lung disorders and are extra-sensitive. This group is mainly concerned about the inhalation toxicity of products that expel harmful pollutants and are breathed in from the atmosphere. Green products that are well made won’t include compounds believed to be toxic. No known carcinogens will be used in the solution, either. A low level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) will be on the label to meet clean air requirements. This all adds up to a healthier choice for those affected by lung disorders.

There are a variety of reasons why consumers choose to use green carpet cleaning products in their residence. In a competitive economy, carpet cleaning companies need to keep a keen eye towards the wants and needs of their customers. Right now, eco-friendly carpet cleaning services are more popular than ever. Keeping green carpet cleaning solutions in use makes sense because using them provides the customer a sense of safety and well-being in their own home.


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Total Care “Green” STAIN & SOIL Remover can be used on both commercial and residential stain-resistant carpet, rugs, wool, and all other water-safe fibers.


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Total Care “Green” STAIN & SOIL Remover has been approved by the US EPA for its Dfe Design for the Environment Program, which recognizes safer chemistry with a minimal environmental impact.

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